Combined Ante Natal Care

We provide Combined Ante Natal Care (CANC) within the surgery and this allows you to alternate visits between your hospital based obstetrician with the convenience of attending ourselves throughout your pregnancy.

When you attend for your first CANC visit you will be required to sign a CANC scheme application form and we will submit this to the HSE for approval. You are then entitled to a further 7 free GP visits under the CANC scheme and generally we would recommend the following timescales:

We like to see women early in their pregnancy to organise hospital follow up and identify any potential medical issues that need managing early in the pregnancy.

All routine maternity visits and visits relating to pregnancy complications are covered in this scheme. For further information please email

Normal Schedule of Visits

Initial GP visit

Week 16 to 20

HOSPITAL – for booking scans & bloods

Week 24

GP visit – CANC

Week 28

GP visit (or HOSPITAL if 1st pregnancy)

Week 30

GP visit – CANC

Week 32


Week 34

GP visit

Week 36


Week 37

GP visit

Week 38


Week 39

GP visit

Week 40




2 week check

GP visit – 2 week check for baby

6 week check

GP visit – 6 week check for baby and mother