Test results

If you have had tests (blood / urine / x-ray / ultrasound) or other investigations ordered by this surgery your results will be sent back to the surgery and the time taken depends on the nature of the tests (see below). If the tests were ordered by the hospital directly results will NOT be sent to the surgery, however, it is important that you request a copy of your Discharge letter so it can be put on your Errigal Surgery patient record file.

Steps to get results - you can either telephone call the surgery or for a quicker response preferably email at results@errigalsurgery.ie. Please don't call the main surgery line as your request will not be dealt with any quicker as the staff check the result line daily and will reply within 5 working days to you either via text (if all results are normal) or a call from one of the surgery staff with more details on your results.

If a relative is collecting test results on behalf please advise the surgery of this as for patient confidentiality reasons results can not be provided without prior notification from the patient directly.

When leaving a message or email you should provide the following 6 pieces of information:
  1. Your Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. What investigation (Urine / Bloods / X-Ray / Ultrasound / MRI / Smear / Swabs etc)
  4. which hospital ?
  5. date of investigation ?
  6. Your contact details  - phone and / or email

Approx time for results to be sent back to Errigal surgery:

 Type of Test  Approx time for results
 Routine Blood tests  1 week
 Urine tests  upto 1 week
 Ultrasound  3 weeks
 X-rays  upto 3 weeks
 MRI scans  upto 3 week
 Smears  6 weeks
 Swabs  upto 4 weeks

Hospital online test results systems
Unfortunately not all of the hospitals provide an online results service back to the GP and are still handling these by post which can cause delays.
Currently we receive online results from St James Hospital only, we are on a pilot test programme for Tallaght Hospital but do not receive any other results via an online system.
As such if you attend St James's hospital this ensures your results get returned back to the surgery as quickly as possible.

It is important to note that the practice does not call hospitals directly to get test results due to the high volume of tests ordered each week so patients should not call reception and request this.