Frequently asked questions

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How do I make an appointment ?
    • you can call the surgery on (455 6299) or email You should state the time you would prefer and if you have a preference for a particular Doctor and how urgent your appointment is.
    • If you are in full time employment pre work appointments and evening appointments are available.
    • When phones are busy dropping an email is the best way to book an appointment.
Is there a walk in clinic or is it all appointments ?
    • The morning surgery is now an appointment based clinic with 2 or 3 GPs working.
    • Whilst there are always a small number of appointment slots kept for urgency appointments for routine and general appointments patients should contact the surgery and get allocated the next free slot. (the benefits of the appointment system are outlined below)
    • The afternoon / evening appointment is a strictly appointment only surgery.
Why did we change to appointment based system?
  • We decided in 2009 to convert the morning session from a walk in to a fully appointment based system in order to improve the service we offer to our patients.
  • The number of patients attending during walk in each morning caused increased waiting times, over crowding in our waiting room and did not allow sufficient consultation time for patients.
  • We have increased the GPs on duty and through limiting the number of patients we believe we have improved the level of service to our patients.
    • Much reduced waiting times
    • Appointment slots give the patients more certainty
    • More consultation time can be spent with patients
    • Less congestion in waiting room and the surgery
    • Better service to our patients
  • Important - What is very important that patients please be reasonable when an appointment slot is not available the same day for a non urgent complaint. Our staff are working with you and will accomodate you when they can and that all the changes and improvements are being made in your best interests to improve services to you.
How do I get test results which were ordered by the surgery ?
  • If you have had tests ordered by Errigal Surgery then the results will be returned to the surgery.
  • The time taken for the results will depend on the type of test and the hospital.
  • More information can be obtained from the Test results page.
  1. I want to order my regular prescription - do I have to call into the practice ?

Consultation fees / medical insurance / tax allowable expenses
  1. I have private medical insurance (VHI / BUPA / Quinn), how much can I claim back ?
  2. How do I claim back fees against PAYE tax ?
  3. How are fees paid ?

  1. How do I give feedback or make a complaint ?
  2. I have changed address / contact number can I update my patient records ?
  3. How do I request to change doctor from your GMS panel