If you need to re-order a prescription you should follow the steps below to ensure your request can be dealt with as quickly as possible.
  • If your medication has been adjusted after a recent hospital visit it is important you request your hospital discharge letter and send it to the surgery so your patient file can be updated.
  • If you have received a prescription from the hospital take it directly to your local pharmacy who will provide you with a three day emergency supply - you can then bring your prescription to the surgery and we will provide you with your full medical card prescription.
  • If you are a private patient and receive a prescription after a hospital visit please supply a copy of the prescription (or email a scanned version) to update your patient record in the practice and facilitate generation of repeat prescription in the future.
  • Upon reviewing your prescription request the Doctor may require you to attend for a consultation based on the length of time since last visit. This is practice policy and is in place to ensure the best medical service is provided to you.
Steps for ordering a prescription:
  1. Provide a list of medications (including strength, dosage, quantity), DOB and Phone Number using one of the following methods:


    2. See schedule below for your collection day.

Prescription collection schedule
 Request Received Ready for Collection
 Monday Thursday
 Tuesday  Friday
 Wednesday  Monday
 Thursday Tuesday
 Friday Wednesday

Useful advice for ordering prescriptions

  • Don't leave it until you run out of your medication before re-ordering
  • Provide all medication information on your request
  • Don't demand your prescription be completed immediately as this is can not and will not be facilitated
  • Dont get annoyed when the Doctor requests you attend for a consultation before providing a prescription as this is in your best interest.

The surgery is computerising all prescriptions for all patients which involves uploading all your prescription details onto our computer system. This is a significant project but will mean big improvements when completed in the coming months enabling prescriptions to be produced much quicker.

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